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A pension plan will replace part of your income for the rest of your life at retirement but the longer you leave it the more expensive it becomes.

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Investments & Savings

How do I plan for a rainy day? It’s easy; if you start saving now you can build up a cash fund. We now more than ever before that we need to take responsibility for our own futures.

Practical questions, such as:

  • What will University Education costs be?
  • Will I be able to afford to help meet wedding costs?
  • How will I meet the cost of health cover?

Unfortunately these types of everyday questions will not go away, and are more likely to become more important to us over the next few years.

The one lesson the past few years have shown us, is that every little bit counts. We’ve also been reminded that the earlier you start panning for the unknown, the less stressful it will be

Before you decide to invest your money, consider these points:

  • What are your financial goals?
  • What is our attitude to financial risk?
  • Can you make lump sum investments or regular savings?

If you are already saving, consider:

  • Is your money invested in the most tax efficient manner?
  • Do you know what charges you’re paying?
  • Do you have clear understanding of your financial goals?
  • Are you aware of all potential risks?

Phoenix Financial Services offer savings and investment advice to suit your personal requirements, to include your individual circumstances, your age and risk profile. We also provide a comprehensive on-going review service.

Our Pensions and Investments Advisors




We live in very challenging financial times. Our confidence in many financial institutions has been rocked by recent events.

It has never been more important for you to understand the full range of options open for deposits. There is a wide variety of choices available, from local and international banks in Ireland and elsewhere – all offering different interest rates and terms and conditions.

Phoenix understand the market.. We keep you up to date with the changes in interest rates to maximise the return and minimise risk for our customers.

What We Offer

Expert and Impartial Advice.

In the current economic environment our attitude to how we manage our cash has had to change. Cash as an asset class can no longer be managed passively and diversification of risk is a key part of any cash management strategy.

Access to a wide selection of deposit providers.

Find best rates on your behalf from the companies that we hold agencies with.

Phoenix will work with you to ensure your portfolio constantly achieves the highest rate of return available on the market

Ongoing advice

We will actively advise and update you on your deposits



Remember. A rainy day is not so bad when you have planned for it.

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